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Do You Have Enough Faith?

At a “revival” I was at recently I heard someone say to someone who was seeking a healing, that if they had not received it yet they needed more faith.

Have you ever heard someone suggest that your prayers possibly aren’t being answered because you don’t have the right FAITH.

These are “false philosophies” of Man.

· Now knock it off.

· Here’s we see another ignorant statement that is wrong, hurtful, and can damage someone more than minister to them.

Sure it’s possible to not have faith, even the disciples struggled at times to cast out demons but didn’t God also say that “even the faith the size of a Mustard seed can move mountains.” (Matt 17).

Let me suggest a more accurate understanding of what the Bible teaches about unfulfilled prayers or unanswered miracles.

James: 4:3 reads “When Ye ask, and receive not, it’s because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.”

In other-words – Prayer is often not answered because our motive is wrong not because of our mustard seed.

  • So, as a believer – the problem is not likely our faith – its our perspective.

  • we are often looking at our situation through “skins eyes” – rather than “His eyes”?

  • Consider this - Is your Motive God-centered or Self-centered?

A recent Lifeway study Polled Christians and their prayer practice, and the findings illustrates that most Christians have never developed a spiritually centered prayer formation.

For example:

  • 72% pray when they have personal things

  • 21% pray for lottery tickets

  • 13% pray for sports teams.

No wonder we haven’t seen revival.

Let us also remember that prayer is “not about trying to change God’s mind, it’s about opening ourselves up to change.”

- Our Prayers should be focused on “He” more than “we!”

God is faithful – God answers prayers – God is a miracle maker – and God is good.

  • But His ways are not our ways

  • When we try to fit Him in our box we limit how His Power may flow through our daily life.

  • I did not say “limit Him” – we have no ability to limit God’s power

  • But limit who we are in Him – through lack of understanding

  • and therefore, limit how His Glory is manifested our life.

In essence – be careful not to make our prayer more about what we need from Him – rather than about praising Him for what He has already done for us – through creation and through the cross.

  • Remember that – While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. (Rom 5:8)

  • He who knew no sin came to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become – the righteousness of God – in Him. (2 Cor 5:21).

  • Now – All who labor and are heavy laden – Pray this – that He will give you rest and know that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved (Rom 10:13).

Prayer is answered – when our motive is pure

– when our perspective is God-centered

– when our objective is His will

- and when our understanding is from His love and grace.

In simplest terms Say this foundational prayer - “Lord help me to see myself as you see me”

I promise that - He sees you – and He Loves you – He chose you! He calls you friend! Amen.

The Smallest Seed of Faith is enough because Christ is enough!

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