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From Heart Broken to "Devil Chok'n" Hope.

Have you ever been mad, sad, or even heartbroken because someone you care about is no longer a part of your life, the way you hoped they would be – or you can’t understand why.

For example -

- A friend dies

- A neighbor moves

- We move

- Breakups- ups – Divorces – separations

- Even parents and children often times grow apart.

These events can be confusing, they can be sad, they can be confusing or even debilitating in extreme situations.

We know that God is Love, the author of Life, a provider, a healer, and that “He works good for all who Love Him.” (Rom 8:28).

So then WHY do we still feel heartbroken when I loose connection with someone I care about.

  • - Perhaps we have lost sight of our real focus!

  • - Perhaps we are raising are hand when we should be folding them……

  • - Perhaps we are asking please when we should be – praising He!

But Psalm 37 says: “Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”

1) First – we should consider perspective.

You may remember Jesus’s parable “the Prodigal Son.”

However – this is only half of the story. It could just as easily have been called the “Parable of the Bereaved Father,” Jesus said that He came to reveal the Father (Matthew 11:27).

  • - We have a loving father that mourns for us AND cheers for us.

  • - He is also a Loving father who years to hug us, love us, welcome us Him to the Kingdom of God – and to celebrate victory with us today.

In Other words – OUR STORY becomes TRIUMPHANT in the center of HIS-STORY!

2) Second we should consider purpose.

Have you ever used a shoe to drive a nail or knife as a screwdriver?

I hate to admit it but I have.

  • - Most of us at some point have used the wrong tool for the job. In almost every instance I end up regretting it, really I think there’s little distinction between using the wrong tool altogether and using the right tool the wrong way.

  • - In both instances, it’s going to take more time and effort and the end product may not be all that great.

  • - In fact I have a nice scar on my thumb from a similar instance – a painful reminder to use the right tool, the right way, for the right job.

  • - Think about the tools that God has given each one of us.

He has given us each a different gift or set of gifts.

  • - Maybe it’s your artistic talents, your ability to connect with others, your gift of prayer, or writing or teaching….? Is it fulfilling it’s purpose?

  • o 1 Peter 4:10 says: 10 As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.

  • - We have each been blessed with many people in our lives as well. Each is also a gift!

  • - But sometimes gifts only a season – I can’t run like I used to…

  • - And sometime – relationships are only meant for a season……

I can’t help but remember the final scenes in the Titanic.

  • - Jack and Rose are clinging to the small wood debris when Rose “I will never let go” just as Jack lets go and sings like a weight into the freezing water.

  • - Sometimes when we Love something enough - we have to let them go physically so that they can grow spiritually into all that God has for them.

Sometimes we aren’t the main character in a certain chapter of His story God has removed someone from our lives for their sake. Not that we are bad in any way but because WE might not be the right tool today for them and for whatever great things God is making them into.

Remember –

- 1 Cor 13:7 reminds us that - "Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things."

  • - Job says that “those with pure hearts shall become stronger and stronger.”

  • - And Psalm 46 says Let go of your concerns! Then you will know that I am God. …I rule the earth.

  • - …. and patient endurance comes from Christ. Amen.

3) Third, we need to look at the other Person.

Does anyone who grew up in the 80’s remember mom’s - “Brake Arm”

  • - To this day I still flinch at times when my wife brakes hard, that an arm is going to come across my face protecting me from the dashboard and busting my noes in the process.

  • - And I am terrified of Airbags – convinced I will hit a pot hole and get knocked unconvinced by a rouge air bag.

  • I can tell you I found online a number of cases of children with bruised faces, and bloody lips due to mothers attempting to protect their child in a fender bender.

  • However – I could not find any instances of a time that the “Brake arm” saved a life.

  • In other words – sometime we can be guilty of caring to the point of hurting the people we care about.

We often get distracted by our own desires that we fail to see the repercussion until its too late – if at all.

An example of a driving distraction – is driving and texting….. (I came across some of these)

If you on line there are countless Sad videos of peoples famous Last texts to friends or family members.

  • · Such as, I am on my way, see you …….

  • · I just wanted to say…..

  • · I love yo………

Other times messages read things that may that us forever such as,

  • · I am so mad at you…..

  • · Don’t call me anymore…

But in life we can be distracted by sin and deception at in a number of ways. Often times enabling are children by over providing, or we punish ourselves by failing to recognize lifestyle differences in those around us to the point of driving a wedge between us.

This is not from above.

The Bible says:

- 8 Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. (1 Pet 4:8)

- But Mark 4:19 says “all too quickly the message is crowded out by the worries of this life, …so no fruit is produced.”

- 1 Corinthians 7:35 reads – “do whatever will help you serve the Lord best, with as few distractions as possible.”

But “The more we focus on ourselves, the more distracted you will be from the proper path, and inversely, the more we are focus Him, the better we will understand His utter sufficiency for us all?

In simple terms - “Don’t let the noise of the world - keep you from joy of the Lord.”

So Sometimes God removes people from our Lives For their sake and sometimes our sake.

Sometime the people we care about, such as friends or family, or even just the people in our lives at work or neighbors are removed from our lives because they distract us from His providence for our lives.

We walk alone?

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