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Look up or Look Out!

Satan will try to get to us – particularly if he fears we are getting to close to God.

He wants us to look out for ourselves - so that we stop looking up to God.

Consider this:

– When I was a young businessman – I remember how hard it was to go up against the old timers.

The Good ‘Ol Boys Club!

– It seemed that winning new deals had nothing to do with who had the best company, the best product, the best price – IT HAD EVERYTHING TO DO WITH WHO KNEW WHO.


Eventually I knew the right people and they knew that I was legitimate – and I was in the inner circle. I was able to win deals not based on merit- but who I knew.

Let me tell you something else that isn’t fair.

Heaven is a Good ‘Ol Boys club too.

– you don’t get in based on having the best price, the right clothes, or doing the right things

– You get invited in based on who you know.

· Adam began a walk with God in the Garden before betraying him.

· In Gen 6 we read that Noah knew the secret of walking with God

· We know that Abraham communed with God in (Gen 24:40).

· Now – Enoch however was the first man in the Bible who truly walked with God (Gen 5:22-24).

· Enoch was the first man to uncover the true delight of walking with God.

o He found something even Adam didn’t experience.

o He pressed into God until he learned how to commune with God through every facet of life.

o To find that dimension of relationship certainly required an intense spiritual pursuit, and then when he found it the Lord made a graphic statement by catching him up to heaven without the sting of death.

o God’s point was this, “I love to walk with man! – so I decided to highlight his example by doing something extraordinary with him. I took him up to paradise.

Today, God will not likely not take you up to heaven as He did Enoch. However, He does desire to reveal the beauty of His face to you.

o When we walk with God, we enter the dimension where God unfolds the secrets of his kingdom.

o When we know the Son of God, Jesus Christ personally we are in the club

o ….and all who call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

On this side of eternity – we know that through Christ, we can explore the glorious riches of knowing God like our spiritual fathers had did — by His indwelling Spirit.

o 1 John 4 – says – “By this we know that we abide in Him and He in us, because He has given us of His Spirit”

o Like Enoch, (Col 1:13 says) those who walk closely with God are translated out of Satan’s reach — taken out of Satans kingdom of darkness and put into Christ’s kingdom of light.

Enoch taught us that we can learn to walk pleasingly before God in the midst of a wicked society.

o He was an ordinary man with a wife, children, obligations and undertook all his responsibilities rather than hiding in a cave.

o Each day as he walked with the Lord he became less attached to the things of the world.

o Like Paul, he died daily to this earthly life and he was taken up in his spirit to a heavenly realm.

All around us man grows more and more ungodly, but we can, like Enoch became more and more like the one we walk with.

o We can be less concerned with the trappings of this world.

o We can become more heavenly minded.

We need to Look up – or look out!

Look up - or Look out!

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