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Is your Gut Louder Than Grace?

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

Anyone here ever rescue a dog that maybe had been abused before?

My wife and I rescued a dog (Buddy) – and let me tell you the dog was so ungly we were truthfully asked to leave the dog beach because thy thought it was a "rat." In addition to her great looks, he had been beaten up by the world – and by someone before us – who was supposed to protect and provide for him.

Every noice mad him cower in a corner and wet himself.

– Anyone here ever been beaten up by the world – or hurt by someone that should have cared for you?

When we first adopted the dog – he was happy but conflicted or at least confused.

  • clearly – happy to be loved and cared for

  • but – at the same time always fearful that this could be temporary or too hard to believe.

Kind of like Grace – When we first understand that God has chosen us and adopted us we are happy to be loved and cared for...but at the same time we often spend much of our time in fear that maybe we could lose what he has given us, we try to earn our place through church attendance and changing how we dress and things like that.

If we are honest many times we become a shell of who we could be – because inside, we are afraid that if we are 100% “us” that there’s no way God will keep us. We know the things we have done, and the thoughts that cross our minds, and we know the sin that we are capable of us and our Truth scares us.

Notice I said “OUR” truth scares us.

You see – “our” truth is not the same of “His” Truth. Our Truth is always changing – determined by emotions – and by our experiences. (If we have a good day – we think that things are going right, and if we have a challenging day we think the sky is falling.

In other-words we tend to let “out Gut” speak louder than “Grace”.

Dont be a confused Dog. Let Grace be lounder than your gut!

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